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CA $792.03

CBT-100 Certificate in Fundamentals of CBT (F19)

Begins September 06, 2019

CBT-101 Intro to CBT Sept 6 & 7 - Natasha Williams 

CBT-102 Intro to Depression Sep 27 & 28 - Kim Daniel 

CBT-103 Intro to Anxiety Oct 25 & 26- Natasha Williams 

Full Certificate Program

This first part of the Certificate Program covers the basic theory and introductory level applications of a wide array of cognitive and behavioural techniques used in the treatment of various emotional and anxiety disorders. Students will learn about the cognitive model of emotional problems, CBT case conceptualization, use of Socratic dialogue, CBT treatment planning and session structure. Participants are instructed on strategies to assess suitability to CBT treatment as well as their own competence in the use of CBT process skills. Essential cognitive and behavioural techniques used in the treatment of depression and anxiety disorders will be described including cognitive restructuring techniques for automatic thoughts related to depression and anxiety, as well as behavioural techniques including behavioural activation, exposures (situational and interoceptive), and the importance of identifying and diminishing reliance on subtle and overt avoidance, monitoring, distraction, and safety behaviours. Completion of an online evaluation test, based on all three 100-level modules is required to receive a Certificate of Completion – CBT 100. All other participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance – CBT 100.

CBT 101- Intro to CBT  - Natasha  Williams
CBT 102- CBT for Depression- Kim Daniel
CBT 103 - CBT for Anxiety - Natasha Williams

Note: If you cannot make all three dates of the Fall offering of CBT-100  you can register for them as individual modules.  Modules are offered on a trimester basis in the Winter, Fall and Summer of each year.