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CBO-400 CBT for Educators

Available Online January 7, 2019 - Please Select "Declare Interest" - 

The emotional and psychological health of students today is becoming increasingly complex, taxing teachers and their classrooms. For many educators today, attending to the psychological mindset of the student is playing a larger and larger role, despite the fact that many educators have had no training in how to do so. To assist them, this course is written for both child and adult educators that wish to be able to address these realities with students today. Written for teachers, guidance counsellors, coaches and principals, students of this course will leave supported by two coursepacks of worksheets (one for child and youth students, and one for adult learners). Educators will leave the course having learned: 

  • how to think about students behaviours in a way that explains a whole picture of the self, including situations, thoughts, moods, behaviour and physical sensations

  • How to use a specific form of conversation with students so that both insight and motivation are effectively increased

  • how to use the worksheets, knowns as "the interventions," to actually do the work of teaching basic but important psychological skills to students

  • tricks and tips for how to address a variety of stuck points and frustrations that may present as students learn psychological skills 

Instructor : TBA